Craig G. Hurwitz, M.D.

Nephrologist - Medical Director and CEO

Specialty: Nephrology

Board Certified in Nephrology




Dr. Hurwitz was born in New Haven, CT and grew up in Ossining, NY. He graduated from SUNY at Albany with a B.S. in Biology in 1990 and then attended medical school at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. After completing internal medicine traning at the University of Vermont Medical Center he continued at UVM where he completed his kidney specialty fellowship. He went on to obtain an NIH individual national research service award in the study of ion channels in the kidney. He is the author of multiple original research publications and has written a number of articles for medical health magazines. He is the author of a chapter in a medical text book. He has lectured extensively across the country typically talking about diabetic kidney disease. He has given regional talks in NY, VT and NH and spoke nationally at the American Association of Diabetes Educators in LA. He more recently was an expert panelist at the 2012 Spring Clinical Meeting for the National Kidney Foundation where he lectured on using electronic health records to drive high quality care in dialysis units.

Focused on attaining high quality care Dr. Hurwitz implemented a custom software solution in his office when he first opened in 2002. Using skills obtained during his research training he created software algorithms for numerous aspects of kidney health. These algorithms were subsequently incorporated into a large scale electronic health record used in dialysis units across the country. He is now working closely with developers and dialysis caregivers to further improve the use of EHR's in the care of patients with all stages of kidney disease.

Dr. Hurwitz can also be seen around town playing solo acoustic music. He plays at local taverns and marinas remembering that laughter and music are some of the best medicine!



1986-1990                   State University of New Yorkat Albany

                                    B.S. in Biology, May 1990

1992-1996                   State University of New York– Downstate Medical School

                                   M.D., June 1996

Postdoctoral Training:

1996-1997                   Intern, Internal Medicine, UVM Medical Center, Burlington, VT

1997-1999                   Resident,Internal Medicine, UVM Medical Center,Burlington, VT

1999-2001                   Research Fellow, Nephrology, UVM Medical Center, Burlington, VT

2001-2002                   Clinical Fellow, Nephrology, UVM Medical Center, Burlington, VT


Licensure & Certification:

2000                            ABIM Certified -Internal Medicine

2005,2015                  ABIM Certified -Nephrology

2000-2010                   Vermont License # 042-0009992

2002-Present              New York License #225786

Research & Publications

Original Research:

1. Koeppen, A.H., Csiza, C.K., Willey, A.M., Ronne, M., Barron, K.D., Dearborn, R.E., and Hurwitz, C.G. (1992). “Myelin deficiency in female rats due to a mutation in the PLP gene.”  Journal of the Neurological Sciences, 107: 78 – 86

2. Koeppen, A.H., Hurwitz, C.G., Dearborn, R.E., Dickson, A.C., Borke, R.C., and Chu, R.C. (1992).  “Experimental superficial siderosis of the central nervous system:  biochemical correlates.”  Journal of the Neurological Sciences,112: 38 – 45

3. Hurwitz, C. G., and A. S. Segal. (2001) Application of pressure steps to mechanosensitive channels in membrane patches: a simple, economical, and fast system. Pflugers Arch 442: 150-156  (see membrane pressure system in  ‘Inventions / developments’)

4. Hurwitz, C. G., Hu, V. Y., and A. S. Segal. (2002) A Mechanogated Nonselective Cation Channel in Proximal Tubule that is ATP-Sensitive. Am J Physiol- RenalPhysiol


1. Koeppen, A.H., Borke, R.C., Dearborn, R.E., and Hurwitz C.G. (1991).  “Ferritin as a marker for normal and pathological microglia.”  Journal of Neurochemistry, 57 (Supplement): S118C

2. Hechmer, A., Hurwitz, C.G. and Segal, A.S. (1997). "Calcium sparks activate large transient KCa currents in renal artery smooth muscle cells." J. Am. Soc. Nephrol.  

3. Hurwitz, C.G. and Segal, A.S. (2000).  “K-ATP activity dominates the ensemble conductance in macropatches from the basolateral membrane of proximal tubule.”  J Am Soc Nephrol.

4. Hurwitz, C.G., Hu, V.Y., and Segal, A.S. (2000). “A basolateral ATP-sensitive nonselective cation channel in proximal tubule activated by stretch and swelling.”  J Am Soc Nephrol.

5. Hurwitz, C.G. and Segal, A.S. (2001). “Membrane cholesterol regulates the stretch-activated ATP-sensitive nonselective cation channel in proximal tubule.” J Am Soc Nephrol.

6. Hurwitz, C.G., Flanigan, M.J., and Hartman, J. (2009). “A Computerized Clinical Decision-Support System Designed to Optimize Management of Bone Mineral Metabolism in Dialysis Patients.”  J Am Soc Nephrol.

Abstracts selected for poster presentation

Book Chapters:

1. Hurwitz, C.G. and Koeppen, A.H.  “Cerebellar Synapses in Hereditary Ataxia” Handbook of Cerebellar Diseases. (1993) Marcel Dekker, Inc., Wayne, New Jersey (Chapter 25).

Case Reports:

1. Kaminsky DA, Hurwitz, CG, Olmstead JI (2000), “Pulmonary leukostasis mimicking pulmonary embolism.” Leukemia Research, 24(2): 175-8.

Magazine Articles:

1. Hurwitz, C.G. “Fading Kidney Function.” Diabetes Self Management, March/April 2007: pg 69-70.

2. Hurwitz, C.G. “Hypertension and Diabetes: The Pressure is On” Diabetes Self Management. Oct/Nov 2007: pg 40-46.  

3. Hurwitz, C.G. “Beta-blocker side effects.” Diabetes Self Management, November/December 2008: pg 69

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