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Welcome to Northern Nephrology

Our focus is the care of North Country patients with all forms of kidney disease and difficult to control hypertension. We provide high quality kidney care to our patients by leveraging the best technology, evidenced based care plans and a caring staff.


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Come to one of our "KidneyGarten" classes to learn about all aspects of chronic kidney disease.

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We are leveraging the best technology with evidence based protocols to provide the highest level of care.

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Why choose Northern Nephrology?


We have been providing high
quality kidney care since 2002
here in the North Country. Our
specialists are board certified
and are committed to ongoing
continuing medical education.

We listen...

We take the time to listen
carefully to our patients.
Most correct diagnoses are
made by obtaining an accurate
and detailed history.


At NNH we follow our patients
whether they are in or out of the

Home team...

Our NNH providers
and care team members
are all North Country residents.
This is our home and being sure
that we provide the best care
to our "neighbors" is a core

Disclosure Of Physician Ownership

In order to allow you to make a fully informed decision about your health care, the physicians of Northern Nephrology & Hypertension would advise you that at some point during the course of your treatment, you may be referred to one of the following outpatient American Renal Associates (ARA) dialysis centers in which certain physicians of the Practice own an indirect financial interest:

(i) HKF Renal Center; (ii) Hastings Hemodialysis; (iii) Elizabethtown Dialysis Center (iv) Massena Dialysis Center;
Please note that you are free to select the outpatient dialysis centers listed above or outpatient dialysis centers other than those set forth above for your treatment. For more information about alternative dialysis providers, please ask your physician or a member of our staff. We will provide you with names and addresses of other providers that are near to your home or place of work.

If you have any questions concerning this notice, please feel free to ask your physician or any representative of our office. We welcome you as a patient and value our relationship with you.

The Hurwitz Lab

THL is where Dr. Hurwitz spends some "off time" creating health related education videos and podcasts. Click below to visit the THL youtube channel.

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** Recent NNH News Stories **

Dr. Segal and Dr. Hurwitz discuss FLOW

December 12, 2021

We are all so caught up with PRESSURE (or driving force) that we miss the what life is really all about...FLOW. Alan does a great job helping us understand the relationship of flow and driving force and how it applise to the kidney

Youtube LinkRead More

Podcast with Dr. Alan Segal on Potassium

November 18, 2021

In this episode Alan is back to complete our physiology TRIFECTA by discussing potassium. While talking about water and protons was a total blast on our previous podcasts, Potassium is really Alan's wheelhouse. I really enjoyed this podcast and although I've worked on potassium channels in Alan's lab and I've been in clinical nephrology practice for 20 years now I still walked away with new lessons that will impact how I practice medicine. If you love potassium you will love this podcast!! Enjoy (don't forget to like and subscribe to THL)

Youtube Podcast LinkRead More

Podcast with Dr. Alan Segal on Acid-Base Balance

November 8, 2021

In this episode I have Dr. Alan Segal back to teach (and excite) us about the topic of Acid-Base balance. This topic can be one of the most daunting but Alan guides us through all of the disorders and an sensible approach to diagnosing them. Enjoy the "emia's" and "oses" of Acid-Base balance.

Youtube Podcast LinkRead More

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