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About Remote Patient Monitoring

Northern Nephrology has the primary mission to optimize the care of our kidney patients by leveraging the best technology with evidenced based medical practice. The methods we use are designed to be simple and effective. The medical insurance companies including Medicare are catching up and now agree to support patient monitoring at home. Over the last few years we developed a "home blood pressure tracking" program at NNH using free loaner blood pressure machines. While this has been very effective newer systems that are even simpler and more "connected" have made this process even better. The use of this program allows for greater independence and empowerment of our patients.

Who gets home monitoring?

Patients who benefit from our Remote Patient Monitoring program include those with unstable conditions such as:

  • Poorly controlled hypertension
  • Advanced kidney failure nearing end-stage renal disease
  • Worsening heart failure

How does it work?

Once you and our provider agree you would benefit from Remote Patient Monitoring we submit a request to "100plus", which is our device supplier. You will subsequently hear from them to coordinate shipment of your equipment (blood pressure monitor and a scale). You DO NOT NEED WIFI, smartphone or a computer to use these devices. They upload via an internal cell transmitter to our database. We will contact you throughout the month to review your readings and make treatment recommendations as needed.

Your device(s) will arrive fully configured and ready to use. You will receive a shipment that contains: your device(s) and user manual(s). Feel free to contact customer support with any questions: (844) 483-7587

Every detail has been reviewed and we even track the battery life of your devices and will ship out replacements when they run down.

What if I have trouble?

You can learn more about the program at  If you have specific questions, you can reach out to 100plus Help Center by emailing or contacting them at (844) 483-7587, Option 2.


I truly believe that our Remote Patient Monitoring program is central to keeping you healthy and avoiding unnecessary ER visits, office visits and hospital admissions. Furthermore, optimizing your blood pressure and heart function by careful home tracking "together" will significantly reduce your risk of progressive kidney disease and cardiovascular events.

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