The fundamentals of a kidney healthy diet

So many of my new patients ask me "isn't there anything I can do to slow down my kidney failure?" This is generally followed by a discussion of their dietary history and how motivated are they to make ACTUAL change in their LIFESTYLE. I then review our two major options: 1) keep "doing what you're doing" and likely deal with more intensive medication treatment and likely progressive disease or 2) make a major change in LIFESTYLE and reap the global benefits on overall health and not just kidney health. Here at NNH we firmly believe that focusing on your LIFESTYLE, including eating a healthy plant-based (PB) diet, getting regular exercise or activity, good hydration and avoiding kidney toxins is the best way to protect your kidneys and live a LONG HEALTHY LIFE! There is mounting evidence that a plant-based diet is one of the most important aspects of maintaining kidney health and avoiding progressive kidney disease. I've attached what I think are some of the best references for beginning your Plant-Based journey.

Plant-based nutrition does not mean we "throw out your medications" but it will likely result in you needing LESS medications and those medications working BETTER.

NKF on PB Diet

The National Kidney Foundation has a great outline on the benefits of PB nutrition and getting started

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This is a nice summary of some easy steps to getting started with a Plant-Based diet.

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Read this excellent summary by Dr. Michael Greger.

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Watch this review of an important study demonstrating benefits of PB diet on lowering phos levels

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This is your introduction to, which is one of my favorite reference sites. It's a great place to start

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The idea of FOOD AS MEDICINE is put to the test by two world known doctors. Don't miss this amazing documentary

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Read about the success others have had improving their kidney function using diet

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